Jungle Oasis


This is our two-year-old classroom. One of the main focuses of a two-year-old is interacting with others in their world. This sometimes causes big emotions. So one of the main focuses of this room is to help children understand that emotions are okay. IMG_2919It’s the choices you make as a result of those emotions, that can cause problems. So, we continue to work with the children on naming the different emotions and giving them tools to express those emotions, in acceptable ways. We also continue to learn about colors and shapes, and begin to introduce numbers and counting.

Our curriculum in Jungle Oasis is Funshine Online. Children this age learn best through play. So lessons are taught using games, songs, and hands-on crafts. As well, our classroom is set up in centers. This allows the children to learn and discover on their own and develop their own unique interests. We want to help the children develop the skills and confidence to be life-long learners. A teacher is a wonderful facilitator of learning but is not the only source of knowledge. By having a play-based classroom and a schedule with a mix of child-directed and teacher-directed activities, we have created an environment that allows the children to develop these skills.