Tiny Timbers

IMG_2926Tiny Timbers is our infant room. Our goal for the infant room is to provide an environment that nurtures the babies, and stimulates brain growth.  During the first year of a baby’s life, it is important to create the connections in the brain that will be used for later learning. So, we provide loving care so they feel secure and confident. We also provide an environment that is safe for them to explore, with toys to appeal to their 5 senses.

The curriculum that we use in Tiny Timbers is Funshine Online.  These are activities that can be done one on one. They encourage language and social development, which help build those wonderful brain connections!

Communication with Parents is incredibly important in the infant room.  So much goes on during a baby’s day!  In Tiny Timbers, we use Lifecubby to communicate with our parents.  Lifecubby is a secure, online website that displays information about the baby’s day. The teachers update Lifecubby throughout the day with times infants were fed, napped, and diapers changed. Parents are also able to ask questions of the teachers through Lifecubby.