Sunset Reef

IMG_2923Sunset Reef is our older ones class.  In this room, we continue to help lay the social skills foundation. We also begin to see some of that work pay off, as the children begin to play with each other, instead of just next to others.  We also continue to build their vocabulary and introduce concepts such as colors and shapes. Our curriculum, in Sunset Reef, is Funshine Online. Through these activities, they are exposed to vocabulary, how to interact gently with others, how to handle different emotions, and sensory activities. We also begin to teach the children that God loves them and made them. Activities are done during center time so that children are able to choose to participate with the group, or do the activity one-on-one with the teacher.

Our classroom is set up in centers because we know that children learn best through play. As the teacher and children play, concepts taught at activity time are put into practice. Centers also allow children to discover on their own and develop their own unique interests.